Did you know Amish children are forbidden from going to school after the 8th grade?

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Attend school beyond the 8th grade

Speak English as a second language (avg 5th grade literacy)

Learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), civics, law, politics, sex education, and the arts

Did you know that even YOU do not have the right to learn according to the US federal government?

Our Goal

Make A Real Change In American & Indigenous Children’s Lives

In 1972, the United States Supreme Court decided in Wisconsin v. Yoder that Amish children do not have the right to any future other than one inside the Amish Church.

An Amish child is prohibited by law from becoming anything but a “housewife” or a “farmer”.

Guided by enlightenment principles, the Amish Heritage Foundation (AHF) is, to our knowledge, the first organization in 300+ years of Amish history that advocates for the Amish—inside and outside the Church—without a religious price tag, promotes compassionate secular values, and empowers those who leave the Church.

We envision that one day education will be an explicit federal right for every child and adult.

In the meantime, we’re empowering Amish women and children through education past the 8th grade, so they can choose their futures.

“The Amish Heritage Foundation has provided me with life-changing emotional support, influence and guidance. I don’t feel so alone anymore.”

Amish Female College Student

“When I escaped, I didn’t even know if I had a birth certificate. The Amish Heritage Foundation helped me get documented right away, so I could get a job and be recognized as an American citizen.”

18-year-old Amish Male

“If it weren’t for The Amish Heritage Foundation and their dedicated staff, we would never have been able to stand up to the abuse inside our church. We would have just given up.”

Practicing Amish Wife & Husband

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Empower a child or woman to choose their future through education past the 8th grade

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Curious about the Amish? Or our work to empower Amish women & children through education past the 8th grade? We’re also trailblazing making education a federal constitutional right for Americans.

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