Amish Heritage Foundation

Reclaiming Our Amish Story.
Engaging Our Silenced Issues.
Guided By Enlightenment Principles.
What We Do

The mission of The Amish Heritage Foundation is to establish a new generation of Amish leaders who reclaim our Amish story and engage our silenced issues.

We actively engage with and contribute to the global community, guided by enlightenment principles.

Want to Invite Us?

If you’d like one of us Amish to speak at your campus, conference, workshop, or private event, we'd be honored to help make it happen.

Who We Are

We are the first––and so far, only––organization in our 300+ year history that advocates for our fellow Amish without a religious price tag, promotes compassionate secular values and nonsectarian harmony, and empowers those who leave the Church.

No other nonsectarian institution exists, or has  existed before this, that assists people inside and outside the Amish Church and makes the transition smoother for those who’ve already left.

Support Our Recipients

Have you seen any of us in the news, or media, and wondered how you can help?

Please make a donation to The Amish Heritage Foundation. Our services help recipients to not only survive, but to thrive in mainstream society.

We empower our recipients to lead the happy, meaningful lives they envision, while contributing to our local, national, and global community.