Is Christmas really the day Jesus was born? Today’s topic is a history lesson about the true origins of Christmas and December 25. The first article includes more than five things that might surprise you, especially if you believe that Christmas is an original Christian holiday.

In addition, I’ve included some interesting articles related to the holiday season this year.

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History of Christmas
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EXCERPT: “By holding Christmas at the same time as traditional winter solstice festivals, church leaders increased the chances that Christmas would be popularly embraced.”

SpaceX launches its 100th Falcon 9 rocket and uses its newly-upgraded Dragon capsule to send Christmas gifts to astronauts on the ISS
Amish Country
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EXCERPT: “Elon Musk owned SpaceX has launched its 100th Falcon 9 rocket, sending an upgraded Dragon capsule to the International Space Station with supplies and gifts.”

40 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts to Make for an Extra-Special Touch
Amish Carriage
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EXCERPT: “Anyone who’s crafty knows how valuable DIY Christmas gifts are. Not only are they fun to make, but your friends and family will feel so touched to have something you made with your own hands.”

Santa delivers Christmas gifts to animals at Cincinnati Zoo
Amish Buggy
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EXCERPT: “Santa delivered gifts to the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo on Tuesday, then quickly headed back to the North Pole to prepare for his busiest time of the year. All of the zoo animals were on Santa’s nice list, receiving some of their favorite enrichment items and treats.”

Millions Of Christmas Gifts May Arrive Late Due To Overload At The Postal Service
Amish County
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EXCERPT: “If you’re the type to be disappointed by what’s under the Christmas tree, this year you may find yourself even more dismayed by what’s not under the tree. Millions of gifts may arrive late, as the U.S. Postal Service grapples with an unprecedented volume of packages from people shopping online, instead of at stores, and shipping holiday gifts instead of bringing them in person.”

Did you know that Amish American children are legally prohibited from going to school past the 8th grade?

This is thanks to 1972 US Supreme Court case, Wisconsin v. Yoder. Check out my post about that.
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