The Amish/Anabaptist Sex Offender Registry

Only 6 out of every 1,000 REPORTED perpetrators of rape are actually incarcerated.


Most sexual assault criminals are never even reported.

Or if they are, the statute of limitations has expired, allowing these criminals to continue to roam free.

A Heinous History of U.S. Criminal Justice

Of the sexual assault predators who do go through the criminal justice system, 994 out of 1,000 will walk away scot-free.

They will never appear on any sex offender registry. They continue raping/molesting children and/or adults.

The Amish Sex Offender Registry was created in order to increase the chances of child and adult safety.

Torah was molested as a child and raped repeatedly as an adolescent. Her uncles will never be listed on a U.S. government sex offender registry nor go to prison.

The U.S. criminal justice system protects the rapists and discards the victims.

You and your children are at risk from these serial criminals.

  • We list ALL reports from sexual assault victims, witnesses, and mandated reporters.
  • We believe YOU, the survivor/victim.
  • We investigate or assist with reports of suspected or known perpetrators.
  • We keep your identity confidential, if requested.

Reported Sexual Assault Criminals

We will add your report to our Amish/Anabaptist Sex Offender Registry.


Last known locations


Harvey Bell (born Harvey Bontrager)
Alder, MT
Sheridan, MT
Torah Bontrager
Enos Bontrager
Friesland, WI
Cambria, WI
Fond du Lac, WI

1. Torah Bontrager

2. another child victim

Johnny Byler
Mary Byler
Mary Byler
New York?
Jeselle Hadley-Bacon
Melvin Glick
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Lancaster, PA

13-year-old girl

We list ALL reports from sexual assault victims.”

We believe you.

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