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If you're inside the Amish Church or escaped/left the Church and need help (no matter how many years it's been), please select the "Amish Aid" button below:

IMPORTANT: Our Confidentiality Policy

The Amish Heritage Foundation (AHF) takes the confidentiality of our program/aid recipients and potential escapees/refugees very seriously. All staff, recipients, and volunteers sign a confidentiality form that outlines our policy.

This policy includes that staff, recipients, escapees/refugees, and volunteers agree not to:

  • give the names of recipients and escapees/refugees or their contact information to anyone without their permission;
  • discuss conversations that took place at AHF or private AHF events, which could reveal the identity of a recipient or escapee/refugee;
  • take photographs, video, or audio recordings at AHF without explicit permission from the Executive Director.
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