Thank you for inviting us to your party or gathering.

First, we understand that our appearance depends on keeping confidential the information you share with us.

Our interest in being at your party/gathering is to provide nonjudgmental support, in whatever areas are needed (e.g., drug education, sex education, transitioning successfully to the outside, etc.).

We DO NOT proselytize (i.e., we do not try to convert you to any religion). We are here to help our fellow Amish make informed and safer choices for themselves.

Step 1:

Download our guide, which talks about:

  • our confidentiality policy,
  • services and support we can offer you, and
  • resources in your local area.

Step 2:

Now that you have more information about our services, fill out the form.

Amish Party Request

Which Church is this?

What services/support would you like us to provide?

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212-MEG-HALL (212-634-4255)
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