“Ugh! I’m so tired of New Year’s resolutions and words for the year,” my friend Lisa said when I asked her what her 2022 word or phrase is.

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The coach in the curriculum design and development class we were taking had asked all of us, on January 1, to come up with a word to set the tone for our life over the next 12 months. Supposedly picking a word helps you focus on the positive things you want to take place in the upcoming year, such as (in this context) completing our curriculum plan, enrolling students into our courses, and making a lasting difference in the world.

But like Lisa, I haven’t ever seen the sole act of picking a word or making a New Year’s resolution actually . . .

. . . result in what I wanted. As an aside, making New Year’s resolutions isn’t part of traditional Amish custom; I’ve written more about that in this post, “Amish New Year’s Traditions: How We Celebrate (It’s Not With Food)“.

Instead of a word that would magically bring us success, Lisa and I made a pact that we’d hold each other accountable by meeting several times every week for the next 90 days, determined to get through the inevitable rough patches of life together and not give up on our goals for this year.

Between the ongoing pandemic-epidemic and really tough obstacles and challenges to make a positive long-term impact on Amish women and children (and Amish society as a whole), I need people in my corner more than ever. Wishful thinking won’t bring the right to learn to Amish communities — or to any American citizen for that matter. But someone being there to hold my hand, inspiring me to not give up, will bring success!

According to research, when you work with an accountability partner, your chances of success significantly increase. A study by the American Society for Training and Development found that people who committed themselves to another individual were 65% likely to meet a goal — and 95% when meeting regularly! In contrast, your chance of success is 10-25% when committing only to yourself.

I hope that if you don’t already have an accountability or support group or partner, you consider finding someone for 2022. Here’s to a happier, more fulfilling year through accountability!

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