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Ordnung, An Amish Ballet Project

“The Right to an Education” Panel + select scenes from the original ballet

February 16, 2024 (Friday)

TIME: 10am ET to 12pm ET

VENUE: The HÜG Place (Highland Universal Gatheringspot)

LOCATION: 133 Merriman Rd., Akron, OH

Ordnung, An Amish Ballet is a groundbreaking, social impact ballet that raises awareness about a 50-year-old landmark Supreme Court case and unjust education laws that target the Amish and similar groups.

Virtual Speaker Series

January 19, 2024
2pm Eastern Time (New York City)

Virtual via Zoom

The title of the Spring semester’s virtual speaker series is “When Education & Religions Collide” and it is moderated by Torah Bontrager, our Founder & Executive Director.

It is free via Zoom, but you must register in order to attend or submit your questions for the speaker/panel at the event.

If you cannot attend but registered and/or submitted questions, we will send you an email afterward with a recap of the talk along with the speaker’s or panel’s responses to your questions.

Upcoming Events (In-person & Virtual)

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  • Amish in Modern Society: Social issues and experiences within Amish communities, including discussions on how the Amish navigate contemporary issues and maintain traditional beliefs

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