Thank you to our very generous speakers, sponsors, donors, attendees, press, and volunteers for making our inaugural annual conference, “Disrupting History: Reclaiming Our Amish Story,” a huge success.

We’ll have the recorded talks up very soon! 🙂

Our generous sponsors:

“What About Children’s Rights? Overturning WI v. Yoder”

Prof. Marci Hamilton

Pulitzer-nominated Author; Professor, University of Pennsylvania; Founder, CEO + Academic Director, CHILD USA

Saturday’s KEYNOTE SPEAKER: “A Revised Understanding of God, Belonging, and Freedom” Galen Guengerich, MDiv, PhD

Author; Member of the Council on Foreign Relations; Senior Minister, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (New York City)

The 1971-2 Supreme Court Case WI v. Yoder + Elam’s Personal Story

Elam Zook

Writer, Speaker + Director for the Development of Amish Literature, The Amish Heritage Foundation

The Functionalist Problem in Kraybill’s Riddles of Amish Culture

Prof. Michael Billig

Professor of Anthropology, Franklin & Marshall College

An Amish Spring: The Rise of a New Leadership + Torah’s Personal Story

Torah Bontrager

Writer, Author, Speaker + Founder, The Amish Heritage Foundation

What Happens When an Amish Person Goes to Trial (Mary’s Personal Story)

Mary Byler

Sexual Assault Survivor, Plaintiff in landmark Amish case

Ex-Muslims of North America (Comparative Analysis)

Sarah Haider

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ex-Muslims of North America

The Health Costs of Religious Disaffiliation or Shunning: Ex-Ultra Orthodox Jewish Comparisons

Joel Engelman

PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology Program, Bowling Green State University

Navajo Sovereignty, Educational, and Entertainment Issues: A Comparative Analysis

Brian Young

Navajo Writer + Filmmaker, MFA Writing for Fiction candidate Columbia University

The Mennonite Abuse Prevention (MAP) List OR Why We Name Names

Barbra Graber

Founder, The Mennonite Abuse Prevention (MAP) List Former Director and Professor, Eastern Mennonite University’s theater program

PANELIST: Women Entrepreneurs: Blockchain & Female Leadership in the Age of #MeToo

Kim Gleason

Executive Director, Two Worlds Co-Founder, Native Women’s Business Summit

PANELIST: Women Entrepreneurs: Blockchain & Female Leadership in the Age of #MeToo

Lizzy Hershberger

Amish Escapee + Forthcoming Memoir Author, Life Behind Blue Curtains

PANELIST: Women Entrepreneurs: Blockchain & Female Leadership in the Age of #MeToo

Cheryl Sherwin

Human Resources Director, ONE Lodging Management (Aimbridge Hospitality)

An Unforgettable, Historic Event: "Disrupting History: Reclaiming Our Amish Story"

Set in the oldest Amish settlement in the USA: Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Friday, September 28, 2018
Saturday, September 29, 2018

VENUE: Franklin & Marshall College | 415 Harrisburg Ave | Lancaster, PA 17603