Education is not a federal constitutional right for any American citizen.

Our dream is that one day everyone — not only the Amish — will have the right to learn.

Your secure, tax-deductible gift will empower Amish women and girls to choose their futures through education past the 8th grade.

Our federal tax identification number is 82-4591861.







Help Us Give Women & Children a Future

Welcome to The Amish Heritage Foundation, where we invite you to join us on a journey of reclaiming our Amish story and addressing the silenced issues that have long been overlooked in Amish society.

Guided by the principles of enlightenment, we aim to shed light on the critical matters that have been hidden behind closed doors.

. . . Behind doors that are closed to both the Amish who yearn for access to the world outside and the non-Amish who want to engage meaningfully with our practicing community.

We can sow the seeds of awareness together, so the good parts of our Amish heritage can flourish and you, our allies in mainstream society, can bridge the colossal gap dividing us. We are all American citizens deserving of our constitutional rights, and we need your intervention so Amish women and children — and similar educationally deprived groups — can experience what is is like to have constitutional and civil rights.


Our federal tax identification number is 82-4591861.

Our work is focused on women and girls/children (inclusive), but we also help men and boys (inclusive) when the need arises. All Amish are educationally deprived, but the women and girls are even more disadvantaged due to their inferior status to men and boys.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Because of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Wisconsin v. Yoder, any parent/guardian (not just Amish) can refuse to let their child go to school beyond the 8th grade or learn about a subject by saying it’s against their religious beliefs.

How This Affects You

The federal courts of the United States say that no one has a right to any education.

This means that neither you nor your loved ones have the right to learn how to read, write, and speak.

We argue that that is unconstitutional. Part of our work is to advocate for overturning Wisconsin v. Yoder and make education an explicit federal right for you and all children.

Since 1972

The United States Supreme Court decided in Wisconsin v. Yoder that Amish children do not have the right to any future other than one inside the Amish Church.

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What People We Help Say

Your generous donations help us help more women and children.

“The Amish Heritage Foundation has provided me with life-changing emotional support, influence and guidance. I don’t feel so alone anymore.”

Amish Female College Student

“When I escaped, I didn’t even know if I had a birth certificate. The Amish Heritage Foundation helped me get documented right away, so I could get a job and be recognized as an American citizen.”

18-year-old Amish Male

“If it weren’t for The Amish Heritage Foundation and their dedicated staff, we would never have been able to stand up to the abuse inside our church. We would have just given up.”

Practicing Amish Wife & Husband