SNAP Amish - Monthly Online Support Group

This is a free online Monthly Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors, facilitated by Torah Bontrager. Torah is a SNAP Leader and this monthly support group is for the SNAP Amish chapter of (SNAP is the largest, oldest, and most active self-help group for clergy sex abuse victims).

You do not have to be Amish or of Amish heritage or a clergy sex abuse victim to join. All survivors from any background are welcome. We are completely nonsectarian and LGBTQ+ friendly, too.

Torah is nonpracticing Amish and is a recurring rape survivor; two of her uncles molested and raped her repeatedly when she was a child and teen.

The support group is sponsored by the Amish Heritage Foundation and the Amish Entrepreneur Show podcast.

RSVP for URL to join:

NOTE: In order to create the safest possible environment for survivors, you must know Torah or someone at AHF or be vouched for by someone we know. If we don’t know you, we’ll reach out to you when we see your RSVP.