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[Overturning WI v. Yoder] Most of you don’t know this so I just wanted to give a quick heads up. I’m extremely personally connected to WI v. Yoder. This case is about as closely related to me as can be. About 10 years before Yoder was ruled in 1972, the Iowa community I was born in was fighting the public school system. There’s an iconic photo that went viral during those days (made national and international news), a photo that shows Amish kids fleeing to the cornfields when the public school bus stopped at the one-room Amish schoolhouse to try to force the kids to get on the bus to attend public school in town. One of the boys in that photo is one of my uncles. There’s an article that talks about these fiascos in more detail and it mentions two Amish boys who left the Church later in order to go to high school. The boys lived with the superintendent, who had been in charge of attempting to get the Amish kids to public school. Those boys are my uncles (one of whom, Harvey Bell, raped me repeatedly when I, too, escaped in order to go to high school). Check out the article: This is the history leading up to the Yoder ruling. I’d love to get some feedback/comments after you’ve read the article. 🙂 Torah