We seek individuals, businesses, and organizations not afraid to think––and act––boldly.

Please partner with us, in the spirit of modern-day barn raising. We welcome Amish + non-Amish alike.

Want to Invite Us?

If you’d like one of us Amish to speak at your campus, conference, workshop, or private event, we'd be honored to help make it happen.

Are You?

  • A contrarian
  • A provocateur
  • An activist
  • A visionary
  • A thinker
  • An entrepreneur

Help us craft a disruptive blueprint for a revolutionary Amish and host-culture perception shift.

We at The Amish Heritage Foundation seek individuals, businesses, and organizations who are not afraid to think and act boldly, to question what they see, and to speak hard truths out loud.

To not only preserve heritage and identity, but to actually alter the Amish compass––aligning it with a new North Star that points the way to self-empowerment and ushers in a 21st century era of global peace and compassion.

Add Your Voice

Help us:

  1. Develop profoundly insightful analysis,
  2. Intensely motivating communications, and
  3. Groundbreaking concepts and ideas

So powerful that the Amish themselves, as a nation, begin to engage and evolve.

This All Sounds Pretty Lofty

We seriously want your involvement. We can’t do this alone.

If what’s written here sounds really lofty and you’re not quite sure what exactly we mean, but it resonates with you, you’re definitely who we’re looking for!

We need volunteers, fundraisers, sponsors, cross-promotional marketing partners, journalists, bloggers, students, retirees, CEOs, entrepreneurs, speakers, curriculum developers, mental health professionals, mentors, advisors, policymakers, attorneys, graphic designers, IT peeps, and nonsectarian organizations.