Our Services

Empowering Amish women and children through education past the 8th grade

What We Do


  • Help Amish refugees become documented and attain a higher education, including filling in the gap between Amish 8th grade and high school, vocational skills, and college


  • Raise awareness about why Wisconsin v. Yoder needs to be overturned

Cultural & Linguistic Competency

  • Train social workers and law enforcement on Amish cultural competency


  • Educate a new generation of educators, lawyers, social workers, and health professionals on how to serve this underserved at-risk minority population

Watch TED style talk

Wisconsin v. Yoder & Children’s Rights

Watch Prof. Marci Hamilton’s TED style talk on what Wisconsin v. Yoder means for our democracy and your individual rights.

“The Amish Heritage Foundation has provided me with life-changing emotional support, influence and guidance. I don’t feel so alone anymore.”

Amish Female College Student

“When I escaped, I didn’t even know if I had a birth certificate. The Amish Heritage Foundation helped me get documented right away, so I could get a job and be recognized as an American citizen.”

18-year-old Amish Male

“If it weren’t for The Amish Heritage Foundation and their dedicated staff, we would never have been able to stand up to the abuse inside our church. We would have just given up.”

Practicing Amish Wife & Husband

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Empower a child or woman to choose their future through education past the 8th grade