30-State Media Tour

The purpose of this tour, covering all states with Amish communities, is to find an Amish plaintiff who can help us overturn Wisconsin v. Yoder and to inform the general public about why a child’s right to a quality education should be enforced.



Days / 15 Weeks



What Is Yoder?

Wisconsin v. Yoder is the 1972 Supreme Court case that denies Amish children––and consequently all children in the US and Native lands––an education beyond the eighth grade.



Why Overturn Yoder?

Yoder violates a child’s Constitutional right to a quality education.

Yoder enables child abuse in the name of religious freedom.

Yoder fosters gender inequality.


Where We Will Be

Scroll through the slider below to see a map of our three routes. We’re currently raising the funds to make this historic trip possible.

If you’d like a Press Kit, which includes a detailed trip route, please contact us.

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Road Trip 1: Eastbound

Start: TBD
End: TBD

Locations and Dates:
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19 States. 72 Cities. 38 Days. 7435 Miles.

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Road Trip 2: Southbound

Start: TBD
End: TBD

Locations and Dates:
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16 States + DC. 38 Cities. 23 Days. 5460 Miles.

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Road Trip 3: Westbound

Start: TBD
End: TBD

Locations and Dates:
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10 States. 32 Cities. 33 Days. 6689 Miles.

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How You Can Help


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Did You Know?


We speak English as a second language

Our native language is Amish. To date, etymologists won’t acknowledge that we have our own language, not merely a dialect.


Amish women have no rights

The Amish religion and culture are strictly patriarchal. Women have no rights and hold no positions of authority or leadership; they are inferior to men.


The field of Amish Studies is manufactured by outsiders with colonialist attitudes

Almost every so-called expert on us Amish is neither Amish nor bothered to learn our language. Almost all Amish “literature” is based on the words of Amish men only––no women and children––and the “expert’s” biases and assumptions. Amish men inside the Church haven’t had an education beyond the Amish eighth grade and cannot refute, analyze, or comprehend the claims that the “expert” is making.


What We Say

Mary Byler

Raised Traditional Amish

It took me 4 years to get a high school equivalency diploma. Wisconsin v. Yoder let me down as a child.

I’m not the only person born Amish who feels they have nowhere left to go. We have a very large sense of community. That’s how we’re raised. And if we don’t have that, we’re all we have left.

Torah Bontrager

Raised Traditional Amish

To my knowledge, I’m the first––and so far only––Amish escapee to graduate from an Ivy League school: Columbia University in New York City.

Wisconsin v. Yoder is a crime against children and other victims of insular religions.

Joe Slabaugh

Raised Swartzentruber Amish

I didn’t realize until I was older how much a lack of education hurt me. There are no decent-paying jobs for us Amish men when we leave, except truck driving and construction.

Joel Engelman

Raised ultra-Orthodox Jewish

My secular education stopped at the third grade. As an adult, I spoke English as a second language at the third grade level.

Kenneth Copp

Converted to the Amish religion

I don’t think that any religion should trump accepted science. True science learns, questions, grows, and develops.

When you deny that type of education to your children, you deny truth to them. And they can’t grow up to become proper citizens.



Help us Overturn WI v. Yoder

WI v. Yoder affects all children in the US and Native lands, not just Amish. Until Yoder is overturned, no child is ensured the right to a quality education in the United States.

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